Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giacchino's "Up" soundtrack is download-only...

In yet another glaring piece of evidence about how small the community of film score lovers is, Disney Records has announced that the soundtrack score of the latest Pixar film "Up", scored by upcoming composer Michael Giacchino, will be a download-only release. On being asked about this issue, Disney executives responded that this is because the soundtrack is "all score and no songs". One more beautiful score falls victim to an inferior quality release, since Amazon and iTunes don't offer lossless downloads at this point. While I agree that we should be happy that it's getting a release at all and it's certainly better than nothing, it's very sad to see good scores being denied quality releases. And as Disney currently refuses to let any other label to release any of its animated scores, I think the only way of getting hold of a good lossless quality version of this score is to find the "For Your Consideration" Oscar Promo year. I would keep my fingers crossed for one of those "Cast And Crew" promos too!

But nevertheless, I'll get the MP3s of this score and will post my views of the music shortly on here, as soon as I get time.

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