Friday, July 3, 2009


Public Enemies (Elliot Goldenthal)

Elliot Goldenthal is one of the composers whose scores I really need to get into. So far I've listened to the albums of Frida, Final Fantasy and Titus, and really liked all of them. This year, Elliot came back after a long time to score Michael Mann's highly awaited film, Public Enemies. Naturally, I have been eagerly looking forward to what Elliot had done here. The soundtrack album was released on June 30th, and I got to listen to it today.

Although the album runs 45 minutes long, there's only about 15 minutes of score onboard, and that too constantly interrupted by songs. Perhaps much more wasn't written, anyway. But anyway, whatever little is on here is quality material. Goldenthal makes brilliant use of Tom Newman-ish piano, strings and synth pads in Billy's Arrest to create a sad and touching atmosphere, adding more reverb to the piano in Love In The Dunes creates a subtly more pleasant effect. The strings dominate with supporting brass and get loud and powerful in tracks like Plane To Chicago and JD Dies, while remaining more subdued and sombre in Phone Call To Billie and Gold Coast Restaurant, parts of which remind me of Hans Zimmer's The Thin Red Line. Very pleasant to listen to, anyway, and I'm sure it'll work great onscreen too. If you're a fan of Goldenthal or similar scores, I recommend you to check this out.

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